St. Luke's  Total Ministry Team

Total Ministry is a reminder to us all that our Baptism gives us license to serve. Members of St. Luke's Episcopal Community have called on their own members to serve them in ministry is special ways.  Some to serve as Priests, others Deacons, others in areas of Christian Education, Music and Worship, pastoral care and administration.  They have received special training in areas of the Bible, Theology, Church History, Liturgy, Pastoral Care etc, and serve as a Team in planning and carrying out the ministry of St. Luke's Church.

  Meeting Schedule :


                            Regular meetings 1st and 3 rd Wednesday afternoons at   4:30

Rev. Georgia Hecock, Priest

Rev. Loxley Koshnick, Deacon

Eilert Helm, Minister of Music

Amy Fish, Minister of Youth

Rev. Dana Emery

Marian Seelye, Liturgist   Minister
Ellen Cromwell-Cecrle
 Kay Orvalla
 Araba Woart