St. Luke's Episcopal Church
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1400 Corbett Road
PO BOX 868
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502
One  l  o  n  g  block   south of the
Best Western  Motel

Highway 10 East
November 20
26 Sunday after Pentecost

Holy Eucharist   10 a.m.

Celebrant Rev. Dana Emerry
Worship Leader

St. Luke’s is a Total Ministry Church 
The Total Ministry Team

The Rev. Dana Emery, Priest

The Rev. Sandi Holmberg, Priest

The Rev. Georgia Hecock, Priest

The Rev. Loxley Koshnick, Deacon

Amy Fish, Minister of Youth

Ellen Cromwell-Cecrle, Newsletter Editor  


Marian Seelye, Liturgist, Ministry of Music

Araba Woart, Altar

Lay Readers

 Worship Leader


  All members are invited to sign up to read the first lesson.


Bishop’s Committee

Jim Granger, Sr. Warden, Sue Granger, Jr. Warden,                  Matt Friendshuh, Dick Hecock, Treasurer, Randall Fish, John EmeryJamon Wouters-Friendshuh, and The Rev. Loxley Koshnick, clerk.  Student Rep,  Bethany Friendshuh

Altar Guild

         Araba Woart,  Georgia Hecock

Pastoral Care 

The Rev. Georgia Hecock, 218-849-2482

The Rev. Dana Emery, 218-847-6338

We are a small congregation with a spirit that serves many.  We encourage you to join us.  Promise, we won't bite.

    +  A congregation where your baptism  is your                                   license to serve Christ  +


Mission Statement 

We at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church are a caring, accepting community.  We strive to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ and accept the responsibility of our Baptismal covenant: to seek and serve Christ in all persons


Pastoral Care is the ministry of caring at the heart of the church’s life.   It  includes hospital visitation, counseling and ministries of shared presence, listening and support. 
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