St. Luke's Episcopal Church
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1400 Corbett Road
PO BOX 868
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502
One  l  o  n  g  block   south of the
Quality Inn Motel on Highway 10 East
Detroit Lakes, Mn

July 27
7th Sunday after Pentecost
 Eucharist 10 am

Celebrant Rev. Don Homme
Worship  Loxliey
Chalice  Sue Fosssen
Lector Jeff Granger
Ushers Jeff and Suzanne
Altar  Araba Woart
Organist Barb Ebert

Church Leadership

Georgia Hecock – Priest (218-849-2482)
Dana Emery – Priest (218-847-6338)
Sandra Holmberg – Priest (218-847-7120)
Loxley Koshnick – Deacon (218-849-2488)

Matt Friendshuh – Senior Warden (
Andy McCormack – Junior Warden (
Ellen Cromwell-Cecrle – Minister of Parish Life (
Amy Fish – Youth Ministry/Evangelism (
Grant Gallatin – Director of Music (
Marian Seelye – Pastoral Care Minister (218-396-0008)
Araba Woart – Minister of the Altar (218-846-0118)

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Join me .. The Rev. Dana Emery... in seeking the “Prophetic” in scripture, art, music, literature, and food!
The Garden: 1167 South Shore Drive, Detroit Lakes, MN
Bring a Lawn chair, Bring a Friend!

New time for . (Isaiah, Salvador Dali ; Morning Coffee)  Pending
July 15 at 2:00p.m. (Jeremiah, Picasso & Afternoon Tea)
August 29 th at 4:00p.m. (Ezekiel, Andy Warhol & Happy Hour)
September 11 th at 11:00a.m. (Modern Prophets, Lunch, Music!)

Loxley will  have flowers from her garden for sale at $5 .  Proceeds will go to the fund to help our youth to attend camp..  There were three  youth who attended camp this year.